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Bluetooth connectivity issues with Basilisk X Hyperspeed

  • 24 January 2023
  • 2 replies

I recently purchased a used Basilisk X Hyperspeed for use with my computer and Oculus. It ran into some weird issues with Bluetooth connection, where it can connect with some devices, pair with others, and is invisible to yet more. It can successfully connect to my phone and my dad's computer, but my computer cannot see it, and my oculus can pair but not connect. I have tried checking the drivers, updating the firmware, and running troubleshooters, but nothing seems to work.

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2 Replies

I managed to connect it to my computer. I am still having the issue with the Oculus, where it will successfully pair and then disconnect, not letting me reconnect.
Fixed! Had to update my firmware and try reconnecting a couple of times, but it works now!