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Clearance Delay for my order


I made a purchase online through the store. It was shipped FedEx International Priority from Hong Kong. The shipper is Kerry Logistics. My package arrived in Memphis, TN but is currently pending clearance due to missing information that they need from the shipper and/or company. I cannot give FedEx this information as I am the customer. The tracking on FedEx shows: Manufacturer name and address or manufacturer identification code (MID) for each commodity required. The commodity information shown on FedEx Delivery Manager only provides the Harmonized Code for the package. The commodity information is missing country of manufacturer and description. This appears to be a common issue with Kerry Logistics.

My order was supposed to be here today (June 6th). Called support and the voice recording said to use the email or chat feature. Email shows a response within 3 business days, so latest by Wednesday. The chat option is unavailable as there are no queues available with support. Clearance has been pending since early AM on June 4th. I'm sure at some point this package will be shipped back to shipper if the correct information isn't provided soon and I cannot call Hong Kong as I do not have international calling setup on my landline or cell phone. My package will not move until the information is provided.

Is there anyone from Razer that can help? At a loss right now as this is the first time I've ordered. I have been personally importing for years without ever running into this issue but from past experience in other areas, usually FedEx requires the shipper or company to resolve this type of issue. 😞

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