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Firefly v2 not compatible with Naga Epic Chroma

  • 24 June 2021
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Hello all,
I just got my Firefly v2 in and I all of my excitement came to a halt when my mouse (Naga Epic Chroma) would not work properly with the Firefly v2’s surface.
Mouse works fine on slick table surface, other mouse pads (cloth), but VERY intermittent readings on the hard surface of the Firefly.
I have looked online and have noticed a few people having issues with other mouse devices with this mouse mat. However, I haven’t seen any threads that showed the fix.

Any ideas? Or do I need to return and go with a different mat?

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3 Replies

I have the same issue. The mat before the firefly was a Razer Sphex (which is a hard surface) and no issues with the mouse there. I also notice while tryin to use the firefly, the pad gets really hot, more so than the Sphex. I also tried my Naga 2014 and that works better on the Firefly v2. I'm debating on trying a new Naga X
I have a Razer Epic Chroma and had it on my firefly it would just skip around. I tried to do everything possible synapse 2.0 software 3.0 software nothing. Finally read this and took it off my firefly and just have it on my desk and it works perfectly.

On a side note I noticed in some fix videos that the synapse had a configuration option which mine does not. I have attached the youtube video showing tracking issues and how to fix. Can someone explain to me how to get this option back?

I just ended up getting the Naga X and it works perfectly on the FireFly v2. Also, since it's Synapse 3, the lighting syncs up.