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Kraken tournament THX edition

  • 30 June 2019
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So i bought these headphones few months back and i love them. Sound great and are nice and light. The only problem i have is some times like 1 out of 10 videos deep male voices are just so deep it actually ruins the video. Music doesn't have any problem and i usually like base but these kinda have almost no bass. Its kinda hard to describe. So i have the THX enabled i feel it makes everything sound better and helps what little base the headphones have. I have the Equalizer set to custom but im not experienced with setting these up to give good sound. i put a pic of my setting if anyone wants to chim in what i can change things to. Looks like the 125hz to 500hz is the bass?

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Hi there! These settings is for my Razer Tiamat 7.1 v.2, hopefully, it can improve your headset's EQ settings. By the way, ensure that your computer's sound card is compatible with your headset by checking our list so you can utilize its features. Please see the following below

a. Turn off stereo enhancement, set the bass boost to 75 or 100 dB depending on your liking, set sound normalization to 20 dB.
b. For voice clarity, you can play around with it, but I suggest to keep the present level to 0 and the volume level to -50 dB.
c. For the Equalizer, set 125hz = 8 dB, 250hz = 2 dB, 500hz = 2 dB, 1 kHz = -2 dB, 2 kHz = -2 dB, 4khz = 0 dB, 8 kHz = -2 dB, 16 kHz = 5 dB.

My second preferred settings while listening to rock music:

a. Setting the bass to 40db
b. Setting normalization at 20dB and leaving the voice settings untouched (leaving at defaults).
c. As for the EQ, please refer to the settings above and just tweak 125hz to 4 dB and 16khz to 2 dB.