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Man O' War not connecting

  • 20 June 2019
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So I have been using the headphones for over a year now, and then suddenly they do not want to connect/pair up with the pc/usb dongle.

I have dug deeper into this, disabled usb sleep mode, deleted and updated drivers, tested on other devices, used both newest and legacy Synapse and even reinstalled the Windows! Still nothing...

So what happens is the headphones go on normally as you would expect, (RGB is what I previously set it to be and so on...). Then they start searching for the dongle, as always (the green light starts flashing). When I plug the dongle to the PC, it makes the sound of a new device being connected, BUT the headphones never stop searching and the windows defines the device as 'unknown' while never showing up in 'sound devices'.

I think this might be something wrong with the dongle, but that is only my conclusion. The headphones were in a very light use, and never have I ever dropped either of them.

-Also to note:
1. The volume slider on the headphones does not work while lowering the volume, it can only increase it.
2. The poorly made headpeace broke a month in, the replacement 3 months afterwards.
3. Earcups are starting to degrade and there are some peaces falling off.
4. I also have a Razer Deathstalker Chrome, which has worked fine all along and still shows in the synapse.

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5 Replies

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Reinstalling Windows is a bit extreme but I applaud you for your efforts. It is possible that the wireless transceiver on the headset or the dongle is faulty. There isn't really much that we can do to test but you can use this Pairing Utility to try to get them connected. Should the problem persist, send me a PM with the serial number of your ManO'War so I can validate the warranty status.
Ok, so it detecded the headphones and recognizes whether they are on or off.
Will post an update when complete. Thanks for the reply! :)

Update: Nada... Still the same. Makes me wonder tho that it still recognizes the state of the headphones they are in.

Update #2: The pairing tool seems to only work once, after that for it to see the headphones I need to restart my PC...

Update #3: If I let the dongle plugged in for a fiew minutes, the setup works again. Still getting the message - 'Pairing Failed'

Update #4 For some reason the headphones now show up in the Synapse? After two minutes the Windows showed 'new play device has been detected' -message... ok...

Ok, so now I reconnected them to the PC on the next day; This time around, they don't show up...


While trying my luck, connecting and disconectin the headphones for about a hour, they suddenly were connected now? The setup icon said the dongle and the headphones are paired now, which I never got before.
The synapse tho did not show the Razer Man O' War, so I decided to close it and start again, nothing... Then I tried force stopping it from the task manager and what do you cnow, the headphones yeeted themselfs out and the audio started playing from the speakers again. At this moment I am VERY frustrated : (
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This is highly likely a hardware issue and there really isn't much that we can do at this point. Please send me a PM with the serial number of your headset so I can validate the warranty status.
Now the headphones work again, but we'll see for how long.

About the serial number, is it on the headphones or the box?
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Now the headphones work again, but we'll see for how long.

About the serial number, is it on the headphones or the box?

You can find it on the box and under the left earpad of your headset.