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My Razer blackwidow X ultimate (mx cherry blue) issue

  • 6 March 2019
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i am having an issue with my Razer keyboard X ultimate. it is not being detected by razer synapse. I know that this certain model has been discontinue by razer. may i know if you have any steps to fix the issue?

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3 Replies

Nvm, reverting Keyboard driver to it's 'Factory version' won't do a thing.
The Synapse 2 update it's the one that causes the issue.
Is there any way to stop synapse from being updated? Tried reinstalling it but it updates automatically.
I can confirm this issue. Updated my Blackwidow X Ultimate and Synapse 2 yesterday and now it wont detect my keyboard.

So, should i try to revert everything because Razer updates now disable my keyboard from being detected?
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Is this the keyboard you have? also, what version of Razer Synapse are you using?. That keyboard is currently only supported on Synapse 2 (download here), and there is a chance you have Synapse 3 installed, which would explain why it is not working.