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Razer Blade 16 Mini-LED local dimming

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Sorry for the long post/rant, but I thought I'd share my experiences with getting a replacement. Maybe it'll help anyone still pursuing one.


Razer ended up replacing my 2023 Blade 16 with a 2024 Mini-LED model after, to put it nicely, they did a less than adequate job with my 2023 Blade 16 RMA. Like many in this thread and forum, I was unsatisfied with the BOE panel, and I requested an AUO panel replacement from Razer. After much pushing and prodding, a CS rep eventually agreed to initiate an RMA for an AUO panel replacement. Unfortunately, my laptop came back with a significantly worse (somehow) BOE panel and excessive physical damage.


Out of curiosity, which 2023 miniled model did you have? The one with the 4090? I personally had a 4070 in my 2023 Blade 16 with miniled and they eventually after months of pestering and emailing back and forth with no foreseeable solution offered me a refund. I then asked if they would be able to replace mine with a 2024 miniled, to which they called me and said “We would like to replace your device.” Unfortunately, that took another two weeks before they offered me a lower spec 2024 model with 2.5k OLED, 4070, i9-14900, and only 16gb ram. I told them no way and it wasn’t even reasonably specked. They then offered me a 2024 OLED with upgraded 4080 and 32gb ram saying this was their final offer. I told them that was still not miniled 4k like I asked and they agreed upon in the call.


After begging them on the phone to push it higher, They again tried to see if they could allow a better replacement, but told me that was all they could offer. I ended up taking the offer of the 2.5k oled, 4080, 32gb ram. It honestly has a better display color wise than the miniled ever was. I wish they would have given me a miniled and am curious if I theoretically could have gotten a miniled despite being denied.

If you had a 2023 with a 4090 it makes sense they would give you a 2024 miniled with the 4090, but since the miniled can only be specked with a 4090 and 64gn ram, I can see why they aren’t offering any lower tier miniled owners that option.

Yea, I had the top 2023 4090 model with mini led, so I expect the 4090 mini led in return. I am waiting to hear back as they have escalated my case to higher management. I do not want to keep rolling the dice on the 2023 displays as most of them suffered this issue. 

Out of curiosity, which 2023 miniled model did you have?

I had the same one you had.

I wish they would have given me a miniled and am curious if I theoretically could have gotten a miniled despite being denied.

I think it’s possible as I managed to get one, though I had some unique circumstances associated with my case. Namely, I was receiving a brand new (2023) replacement regardless as Razer had damaged my laptop in a previous RMA. Certainly made it a lot easier for me to convince them to grant me a 2024 replacement instead. Having the person responsible for my replacement see the 2023 Blade 16 in person likely helped too. 

The first time around, they offered me the same spec’d down OLED version as you were, and to add insult to injury, they wanted me to pay. After a good deal of frustrating back and forth, I declined, and then I was offered one of the Mini-LED models as a replacement option. It was quite a spec bump from my 2023 one, so I accepted. 

For the most part, I didn’t go out of my way, nor was it really my goal, to seek an upgrade—the furthest I went was asking for a “functionally equivalent, one-to-one, 2024 model.” I kind of left the ball in Razer’s court to interpret what I meant by that. Though in hindsight, it’s an implied upgrade request as there is no one-to-one model since Razer changed up their SKUs from 2023 to 2024.



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Well the saga continues. After waiting 5 days for higher management to decide what to do they denied me the 2024 model and want to try another 2023 replacement. If this next one has display issues I'm going have to personally escalate this further. Already been without my Blade for over a month. I'm not giving up on this.


Edit: Are all these models plagued with this issue? Or only a certain ones? 

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Ok so bios update 2.02 from april 24 does not fix anything related to the Display I’ve noticed it make one fan not so loud the right one and some V-Bios issue were fixed nothing about the Mini-LED issues and the Bios update they prommised to Fix these devices