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razer hammerhead true wireless not working

  • 18 September 2023
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My hammerhead earbuds doesn't have any instructional voice like "Pairing", "Power On", or "Power Off". I tried to reset the earbuds by tapping 3 times  and by putting them in the case for at least 5 seconds. I tried pairing by pressing and holding on both earbuds and also by keeping the case open next to my device. I tried to put them in a pairing mode but nothing works. The case is fully charged as the light is green and I kept it on charger all night long.


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1 Reply

Hello polyheavenJade826,

Thanks for sharing your concern. Does the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless connect to the device properly? Please check if the device connects to an audio source via Bluetooth. Also, make sure the audio source is not muted. Feel free to PM me with the device serial number and the proof of purchase so I can verify its model. Thanks!