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Razer nari issues

  • 4 July 2019
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So I have been having issues with my razer nari headset. I just purchased them 2 days ago and they have been working flawlessly until I got home one night and logged back into my computer and everything went bad. On certain games, I couldn't hear any sound and on other games I could hear sound, but only if I cranked up the voice chat on the game/voice chat mix dial as well as turn up the volume on the dial on the right earcup. If I turned up the game chat, I wouldn't get any sound in my games. I've tried restarting my computer twice and that didn't seem to solve the issue. I've tried updating the firmware to the latest version and still nothing, I've set the device as the default device on my system and still no good. I'm wondering if it's just a software issue or if it's a product issue?

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Hi @Sean2187! Thanks for bringing your Razer Nari's concern to the right board. Is there any hardware or software changes before the issue happened? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game that you are only getting troubles with? Does the issue happen on another application in your PC aside from games?