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Razer Synapse 3 is an unstable mess.

  • 21 March 2023
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I’ve had razer synapse 3 for a while, it often causes me the usual Razer Synapse 3 problems; no matter what specs I use, no matter how many times I reinstall it, gradually over time, it will either become slower and slower until it simply ceases responding and functioning altogether, or I’ll boot up my computer one day, try to launch it, only for the program to fail indefinitely..

I followed your “tutorial” on how to fix it, but all the options unrelated to just reinstalling it didn’t work.
The thing is, I’m tired of reinstalling it..
I have many apps on my computer, a couple hundred.. of these, how many do you think I need to reinstall every few months just to maintain basic functionality? Just one, Razer Synapse 3.
No other app seems to decay like this one does; it seems apparent that you don’t care about maintaining this app.

My reasoning is pretty straight forward:
This problem has persisted for years - it remains unfixed.

You DO receive complaints about it - it remains unfixed.

This program, designed specifically to function seamlessly with your products.. is from a high-profile, multi-billion dollar company.. you have ample resources and incentive to hire competent programmers to code and maintain your software - it remains unfixed.

So what’s the reason? Why is your program a decaying mess, held together with duct tape and gum?

And finally-
Hi! I’m having an issue with Razer Synapse 3, may you please scrap the current software entirely, hire competent programmers, and pay them to create and maintain a stable version of Razer Synapse to work seamlessly with your products?

Please, thank you, and good day.

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I’ve had problems with it for years too.  I had been using the legacy version 2 with no problems, but since I just bought a new keyboard I thought I’d have better compatibility and tried v3 again.  Same problems, mainly sound glitches when playing music while using the mouse.  BZZZZT.  ZZZT.  It is a real shame as I want to use all the chroma effects.  I tried years ago to get help from support about this, and even made videos to show them the problem, but the problem was never solved. 


(If you are wondering why I bought another Razer at all, it was on clearance at Staples for a substantial discount.)

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Hi @DrDux,


Thank you for sharing your feedback here about the Synapse 3 app and bringing the issue you’re experiencing to our attention. Please gather the Synapse logs from your PC through PM so I can properly document the issue and escalate it to the software team. You can use Google Drive for sharing files with me. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks!