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System not receiving "Adequate Power"

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@garyfed the 250 one or 280?

@garyfed the 250 one or 280?

I have 280w.


Guys, I think I provided enough information and photos that confirming the fix with brick power increase. At least for Blade 19 2022

I purchased an OEM 330W power brick. Same results. my first razer, very disapointed… 

@gary_96 I know I might be annoying you I don't mean to be like that but I spent over 6000$ Canadian Dollards on my razer blade 17 3080 when it came out I also invested into ram and 8tb of ssds. I just want to confirm this may possibly fix my issues. I doubt bur I've boughten 4 power adapters so far. Not at this wattage and amps but yeah it gets annoying for me that I had to spend another 2.7k on a desktop. So hopefully I can fix and sell

All laptops from razer after 2022 were shipped with 280w and 330w. Software now are written for those bricks and giving error if it's less than 280W. This is what I figured out. 230W brick are out of the game and razer want you to buy a new one. That's it. 

I was one of the first who started this thread. So what I did now. I managed to put my power plug under the pressure, under the land cable and I have a boost mode now. So probably brick with higher votlage should fix the Isssue. Because I have cheap 100 bucks brick and my fans are ripping now. So probably it's not the best solution to buy a fake brick but it gets the job done. The problem is the build quality. The plug is too hot now but I'm getting 150w on GPU. 


Make the photo of funky UI of Synapse will look strange for you. I just entered the Synapse beta group. Just want to tell you right away that this is not the case, the only difference I've noticed that there is smart battery health settings are missing. Original brick still was giving power error. 


Curious, if functioning properly should there be a gaming permormance mode option as well when plugged in?

How did you fix this issue and when did you get the beta version.i have been searching for solution for couple months . Can you help or text me?


@garyfed mine is a Razer Blade 17 Mid 2021 sadly

Happend late 2022 when I couldn't game 

Just get 280 or 330. It's worked for me. 

I will get the Ali express one

I will get the Ali express one

Quite a sketchy decision, as I showed. My plug started to act funny. I would recommend buying 330w from a different factory. The one that I have are struggling with build quality. 

Tbh it may be your inside port. I actually broke my pins inside my razer blade had to buy an official port from ebay for like 70$ had a guy desolder it and fixed that issue. So I'll try but tbh as long as it works I'll fix it. If this fixes the performance issue I'm selling this razer blade lmao

6K fu*king garbage

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Update: Assumed mine was fixed since the error message went away with a factory reset. I was mistaken, the issue is still there and the error messages just go away until you install cortex again.

At this point I have;

  1. Completed the F9 factory restore 3 separate times and run benchmarks each time.
  2. Downloaded a NEW factory recovery image from Razer support and installed twice.
  3. Checked power delivery with HWinfo and other software (All check out good)
  4. Attempted Windows 11 upgrade after resetting to Windows 10 to see if that would help.
  5. Purchased a new 230w power supply.

This seems to be some sort of BIOS issue with how the power is perceived internally for the GPU. I am sure others have had performance gimped they just don’t know it if they don’t have cortex delivering the error messages or compare benchmarks.



This was one of the answers from support. To sum it up just restart your computer guys and issue will be solve👍 wonderful developers. They don't even want to troubleshoot using their own hardware. 



The drivers will automatically reinstall after your computer restarts.

If the issue still persists, please provide the following logs so that we can assist you further and have your case escalated.

Synapse Logs

Download the Razer Log Collector.
Unzip and run the executable application.
Click "Save To...".
Select your preferred target location and file name, then click "Save".
The collected logs are now saved in a single zip file.
Attach the zip file on your next response as an attachment

MsInfo Logs

Press Windows Key + R.
Type MSInfo32 and press Enter.
In the MSInfo window, click File, then Export as .txt.
When the Export As window appears, choose Desktop.
Name the file and Click Save.
Attach the zip file on your next response as an attachment

Note: Please upload your files in Google Drive or any cloud storage we can access. Set them public and share the link after.

We look forward to your response!"

Tbh it may be your inside port. I actually broke my pins inside my razer blade had to buy an official port from ebay for like 70$ had a guy desolder it and fixed that issue. So I'll try but tbh as long as it works I'll fix it. If this fixes the performance issue I'm selling this razer blade lmao

I don’t have any issues with original plug so it’s 100% brick plug, not my port. 

I know how to solder stuff, but I can’t open the plug. It’s sealed, otherwise, I have to ruin the plug. Even visually I see that the original plug has a bit tighter holes. But luckily I have my LAN port occupied so I can use the LAN plug as a tentioner. I hope everybody who will read this thread will not face same issue but becase my laptop are my desctop replacement I’m not moving it a lot, and if I travel most likley I will take a small 230W brick. 


Yes I wish they would get it fixed.  I actually put their software back on so I could send them in the information they requested but I’ve been so busy at work I haven’t had a chance to send it all.  I’m surprised it’s been going on for over two weeks now.  I noticed also that my MSI has the same plug but slightly higher wattage charger and plugged it in, same message as soon as I plug in the charger and take it off battery.  It definitely is over heating on me and not keeping the fan at the highest speed even when I am set to manual from what I can sell.  The laptop is getting hot.  I might actually have to lower some of the game settings to get it to play without over heating.  I did last 2 hours in Diablo 4 will most settings on, but my FPS were much lower than they should have been and very inconsistent, up and down with the lowest being very low when it was getting hot.

2021 Razer Blade 15 Base 

Here to post that I’ve “not been receiving adequate power” for a little over a year, as well. I’ve replaced the battery (due to it bloating >.>), bought 3 separate adapters: 1 official razer  230W and two off-brand 230W chargers off Amazon (because I’m a fool). Nothing has improved and what’s worse is that I can’t even use apps like Afterburner or Throttlestop because all of the options are greyed out/locked. 

The BIOS on this device is absolute shit as it’s got bare minimum options to tinker around with and Razer hasn’t placed any update nor even a link to the original firmware to attempt to fix on that end. I have found solace in knowing I’m not alone with this issue. 


Seriously considering meeting w/ an attorney to explore bringing a product liability lawsuit against this company. Whether it be the bloating battery issue or the software throttling that many of us seem to be seeing. Quite reminiscent of the Apple “BatteryGate” issue. Hell, if enough people are affected and if this is something that spans across multiple Blade devices, there may even be grounds for a class action. 


Note to anyone buying Razer products: BEWARE. 

How long does it take until they accept?


Mine has been stuck on



@mdp1234 trust me I tried that and still get the 40 to 50w and it dosent go over. I am able to enable custom gaming modes but makes no diff

Just wanted to say Hi as Im having the same power problem with my 2021 Blade 14. I tried so many things to solve this issue - as you know, nothing helped yet. 

I checked with an other 230W adapter that didnt change anything. So Ill have a look at those bigger bricks. Ill keep you posted.




first update:

Nothing new, so far… But I was handed to the next level of support. They’ll get back to me within 48h...

Did you send them your pc or what??

Hell no!

They were trying to help me, mostly software things. Dont know yet, what next support level can do, but I guess Ill have to wait.

Besides, I got my fingers on the 330W power brick - same issue, system not receiving enough power. 

Same problem here, 2020 base model, original power adapter, happened after Synapse update.


IDGAF about the synapse software, but for my keyboard cycling through RGB.  Anyone know of software to set the colour of the keyboard that is not Synapse?


Hey Razer, how about a fix?

Same issue using the Razer power adapter it came with. 


Same thing here, synapse updated today and I started to get this message.  I read on Reddit a few people started getting the message after updating on other models several months ago “”  So I’m uninstalling Synapse until I see a fix. Windows lets me put the system on high performance from Balanced the old way, without their software.  Seems to be a software issue.

Mee too bro i was thinking that i have something wrong but it's the software . Do have any solution or they fix it or not yet ?