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CPU temperature while gaming razer blade 14

  • 1 December 2022
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This is my personal experience and im not a professional. This is for people who want to lower the temperature but keep good performance

Since i got the razer blade 14 about a year ago, i’ve had a great experience using the laptop. Although the screen is a bit small for hours of work.

This laptop is super powerful to the point where i dont see any difference in performance compared to my main desktop computer.

The only issue that comes up is high cpu temperatures while playing pretty much any game.

The way i fixed this issue for myself is as follows:

  • Lower the screen resolution for all games to 1920x 1080 (no noticeable change in quality) and set fps limit to 60. With 4k res u get higher sharpness but its really intense on laptop.

You can set higher fps on competitive games. But dont set it to unlimited. Nobody needs 400 fps.

2. Manually setting fan speed (depending on the task) using razer synapse

3. Using Ryzen controller to limit the CPU temp to 70 (what this does from what i understand is throttle the cpu so it doesnt work on full capacity on mundane tasks such as loading a game level)

After many tries i noticed that even though the cpu is throttled down. There is basically no issue while gaming (tried it on SIFU, fortnite, valorant, and lately METRO exodus)

The only noticeable thing is that it takes a little longer to load a new level.

Before i configured the laptop, it used to go up to 70 degrees when loading apps such as nordvpn, steam, epic games and such.

Razer by default seems to favor performance over user comfort and understandably so.

Using the laptop with cpu heat around 70 or more is uncomfortable because you start feeling heat on the keyboard.

With my configuration. I get less noise. No random spikes of intense heat when gaming or while doing pretty much anything. Yet little to no performance drop.

Its good to have a powerful laptop when you need it to work at full capacity. But for most people this seems like a good way to preserve your laptop.

Before config : unlimited fps, 4k, no limit on cpu.

Laptop is noisy when booting, heats up to 75 then cools down. Loading a game causes high temps and fan noise. Loading each level (or every time you die in game) heats up to 80 or 90 degrees. Metro exodus (up to 100 degrees)

Gpu temps go up to 65 on intense games while cpu is hot

After config: 60 fps, 1920x1080, temp limit is at 70

No random heat spikes when loading anything. Never goes past 72 degrees while gaming. Loading levels on intense games take abit longer but no need for a fire hydrant Gpu stays around 55 to 60 degrees while gaming.

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