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Early review of the Blade Pro 17

[left]I just received the 2020 Pro 17 with the 8-core 10875H and the 4k 120Hz screen a couple days ago. The intent is to use it primarily for work (it's much easier to justify this kind of money as a tool than a toy) as a work-from-wherever machine, but I'm sure I'll enjoy playing some games on it too.

Overall I really like the laptop. Big kudos to Razer for producing a 17" laptop with a centered keyboard. That was a must-have for me, and for a long time I thought 17" laptops were just basically off-limits with my centered keyboard requirement.

The screen is beautiful, and the performance is solid. The keyboard is a bit shallow, but accurate. The touchpad is very nice and similar in quality to my Surface Book.

The only gripe/annoyance I have so far is that the top edge of the deck is just slightly dulled from being knife-sharp. It looks clean, and it's not as big of an issue because of the big area to the left and right of the touchpad to rest your wrists, but a small 1/16" chamfer/radius - similar to what the inside edge of the screen has - would have been really nice for ergonomics. Every time I scrape my hands or wrists against the edge of the laptop, it feels like I brushed up against a knife. If the laptop was silver-colored instead of black-anodized, I might even be tempted to add a chamfer myself with a metal file.

The area at the top of the machine just above the keyboard also gets pretty hot under sustained load. Not hot enough to burn you, but hot enough that you notice how hot it is.

But yeah, overall I'm pretty pleased with the machine. Again, especially really like the screen - sometimes laptops have screen uniformity issues, dim screens, etc. - not this one. It's a really nice screen. And I'm not done with it. I have 64 GB of RAM on order, and I will also be installing a second SSD to store my work files on.

Also, I didn't choose this screen name - I guess it got auto-assigned when I made my order and created my account in the process.

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