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I need help with a battlestation

I'm trying to switch over to pc from my console but I don't know where to start on a pc I only need it to run a few basic games and id like to be able to upgrade it for streaming eventually. Any suggestions?

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If you are interested in live streams, check out the following website

CPU thermal paste
This depend on what you want to use your pc for. Plain use or Mass processing use (OCing)?
I have used Arctic Silver 5 many times which has not showed disappointing result.

GTX 1060 6 GB or GTX 1660 TI 6 GB or AMD Radeon RX 480 is quite popular, but if you really want flawless image rendering gaming experience, then you might need to step up a notch.

This depends on the choice of your CPU and what you want to use your pc for. For new build you don't need to invest too much money on motherboard, unless you are a pc geek.

16 - 32 GB is recommended, if you are planning to stream

500 GB - 1 TB for Windows drive
2 TB above for mass storage and/or games storage

This has variety of choices. I always like to plan ahead of "upgrading". So anything above 850 W is recommended.
For simple purpose, 600 - 750 W should be good.

User's choice, RAZER tomahawk ATX size

RAZER kiyo or kiyo Pro

Keyboard and Mouse
RAZER have great choices
Thank you I had absolutely no idea what to get until now.