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Razer Themed Gaming Room Idea!

  • 8 December 2021
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Well, hi WolF here, i Need ideas about totally Razer themed Gaming / Content creating Gaming Room. Space is around 144sqf, it can be more it can be less. I will built it based on A perfect Idea which will give Peace to my Eye and brain. ❤️

I've seen so many Ideas but there wasn't any that my eye, brain liked. Background is my concern cause what will be useful behind my back? A resting Sofa? Or similar things and Yes there will be two streamers. My daughter and Obviously me. All of my requirements is for her basically, she loves razer More than i do

She is only 2, and knows how to practice on * Aimlab * Well not that much but haven't seen anyone like her. Maybe there is.

Help me with ideas or thoughts about this project. Not in Rush, will do it slow and steady with Perfection. This is my first post since joined, Well i think I'm safe here.

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