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Should i upgrade my cpu?

  • 8 February 2022
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I recently bought a Dell XPS 8940 desktop that came with: a 3060 TI, 16 gigs of 3,200 MHz ram, and an 11th gen Intel Core i7-11700. What I am thinking is if my CPU's is bottlenecking; should I upgrade it; should I get more fans and what else should I do?

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Check your task manager and see how much CPU utilization is taking place~~~

The symptoms of high CPU usage are some of the followings

  • Too many applications running in the background
  • Virus attack

If you have too many applications (non Windows critical software) running in the background, try remove them.

It is quite difficult for techs and engineers to advise something to users, without having to analyze the PC.

Another reason why users think their CPU is bottlenecking, is because the fault is else where which make the CPU processing take slow affect.

If your main drive is full, it is difficult to process data across both the CPU and HDD. Try creating some vacant space on your main drive if it is 90% full.
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This CPU is fine and it should not bottleneck your GPU.
As @Sye_The-Vie - I'd rather search for some apps that is using high amount of CPU/RAM, causing some slowness ingame.

Also monitor your temperatures, because high temps can cause throttling. You can monitor it via HWInfo app - and you'll know if you need additional fans. But you can always repaste CPU/GPU with a good quality thermal paste, because Dell thermals are bad.
If you go to the next tab in task manager as Sye said as well, where it says performance and scroll to the bottom, you can find your specs there and that will be the best judge on if it is your equipment.
If you are maxing out anything it should be easy to see what you may need more of.

Not sure exactly what issue you are having but you can try these too.

Also since u have a 3060 depending on the game I would try turning your graphics or resolution down if it is lag you are experiencing.
I should add, if you're on a tight budget you can get absolute killer value on an i5 10400F right now. It's still 6C/12T like the 10600KF, just runs at lower clock speeds but with your 1650 Super it will make absolutely zero difference. In Aus you can get the 10400F for $209 and a decent B560 motherboard (to allow for unlocked DDR4 speeds) for $185 for a total of under $400 AUD. IMO the extra $100 for a 10600KF and Z490 motherboard is worth it, but everyone's situation is different.