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Help choosing between Seiren X or a Kraken

  • 20 July 2020
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So im in the need for a new mic, iv'e done some looking into both mics, and while i don't record anything professionally, i only stream occasionally and game, here is why im a bit on the fence.

I have extreme jaw issues and neck pain from bad jaw clenching, in the past ive owned i believe a. hyper X headset and it increased my pain in my jaw due to the pressure from the headset on my joint. Im unsure and have never used a razer headset before and would like to know if the pressure on a kraken is just as bad if not worse.

so far im leaning toward a seiren but would like some more opinions from those who know razer better than i

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1 Reply

The headsets are a snug fit if you suffer from jaw pain and or frequent ear infections etc, do NOT get the headset. Not they are bad, but as someone that really can't have things on there ears it was torture, the Siren Microphone is actually a decent beginner mic if you can get one on the cheep. Just make sure windows doesn't set it up and swap it to am radio quality, outside of that once dialed in with obs / slobs and or Voice Meter , Banana, or Potato. It sounds really really crispy.