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Razer Ripsaw - How do i capture my old vhs footage?

  • 19 February 2019
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Could someone tell me what stuff i need to capture.
I do know how to use the ripsaw cause i've captured it on the switch,ps4 and im using with OBS Studio.

I got a old VCR that has rca connectors (Red,White,Yellow holes) on the front and the back has two scart connector. I've tried to use the component av cable that was included with the ripsaw.
I grabbed my rca cables and connected them to their respective colors even though one of them don't match each other.

Played around in obs but didnt able to get any footage to view on my obs.
i've checked different sources or video settings, No clues. Just says, no signal.
After that, i took out those rca cables from vcr then connected them to a scart adapter and connected the scart to behind the vcr.
Same problem, no dice.
Should i just go get one of those USB Video captures or buy a cable that should able to record my old vhs.
Any tips would be helpful.

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