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Razer Seiren Elite Firmware needed

  • 30 June 2020
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My Seiren Elite will not install its proper firmware, it only shows up as USB input device in device manager (under Human Interface Devices), and when I reinstall it "Bravo HD FW Update" is installed instead. Important note, the microphone does not light up its LED as well and disconnecting it will play the sound notification for windows.

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4 Replies

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Curiously I'm having the exact same issue as of yesterday. I've tried multiple workstations, and different cables with the same issue. Did you get this resolved?
i have the same problem and i cant fix it 😛
my problem is the streamer app wont work with ryzen 3800x... works on my laptop tho which is useless
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So I got a response back from Razer on this, who asked me to RMA the device, which is a little concerning 😞