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Razer Seiren Emote | Streaming Has A New Icon

  • 27 September 2019
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Wow your followers and take your showmanship to new heights with the Razer Seiren Emote—the world’s first USB microphone that uses emoticons to interact with your audience. Keep your streams fresh and fun, and have them coming back for more with an extra level of entertainment that lets you stand out from the rest.


With the Streamer Companion App, add a new level of audience interaction and have emoticons trigger on the Razer Seiren Emote during different parts of your stream. From new followers and subs, to donations and keywords in chat, decide when and what emoticons appear to best suit your style of streaming.


Setting itself apart from other broadcast USB microphones, the Razer Seiren Emote has an 8-bit Emoticon LED Display powered by our Emote Engine, which includes a huge collection of over 100 animated and static emoticons.


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18 Replies

but....where's our toaster?
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Razer Seiren Minecraft emote edition.
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but....where's our toaster?

coming in 6 months. be patient! 😉
Oh that's sweet:)
I cant imagine how twitch chat emote spam is gonna work out on this.
Twitch chat is gonna have a field day trying to crash the display. Not to mention streamers gonna be annoyed as hell with chat spam.
Yay, just when i was about to add Razer Seiren X to my cart!

The emoticons display is a really cool feature. WOW! :cool_:
Wow... That's actually a proper way to use a screen 😮
That's a funny way to improve streaming.
I'd like to try it.
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Stream viewers will be happy indeed.
I cant imagine how twitch chat emote spam is gonna work out on this.

Hey... If it gets more viewers on your stream... no harm no foul... right?
Ayyyyyy, Im getting one when I get my hands on some more cash (:

Begeistern Sie Ihre Follower und setzen Sie neue Maßstäbe mit dem Razer Seiren Emote - dem weltweit ersten USB-Mikrofon, das Emoticons verwendet, um mit Ihrem Publikum zu interagieren. Halten Sie Ihre Streams frisch und unterhaltsam und sorgen Sie mit einem zusätzlichen Unterhaltungsniveau dafür, dass Sie sich von den anderen abheben.


Fügen Sie mit der Streamer Companion-App eine neue Ebene der Interaktion mit dem Publikum hinzu und lassen Sie Emoticons auf dem Razer Seiren Emote während verschiedener Teile Ihres Streams auslösen. Über neue Follower und Abonnenten bis hin zu Spenden und Keywords im Chat können Sie entscheiden, wann und welche Emoticons am besten zu Ihrem Streaming-Stil passen.
Ayyyyyy, Im getting one when I get my hands on some more cash :)


The 8-bit LEDs are the best !
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Such an interesting concept! Can't wait to see it implemented 🙂
It's great, perfect for streaming!
The 8-bit LEDs are the best !

A great way to mix old and new school.
It gives more ways to engage for streamers.