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Ripsaw HD setup help

  • 23 April 2019
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Received mine today.
I'm trying to stream from an Android device. I have a laptop (Surface Laptop), Blu Yeti mic and earphones.

Initially plugged Ripsaw into the laptop, configured in OBS and video worked. I plugged my earphones into the Ripsaw and heard no audio. In the mixer I saw the audio bounce around to mimic the phone but couldnt hear anything out of the laptop.
After trying various audio settings, now OBS shows no audio bouncing in the mixer.

Now video drops out/freezes in OBS as well.
Ultimately I want to use my Blu Yeti mic for voice capture AND hear game audio with earphones

Any esports guys or someone who has one willing to assist via discord or here?

Video source of the capture card also seems to be freezing as well.
I plug headphones into the Ripsaw HD and hear nothing

Unfortunately I'm having to return the Ripsaw HD because it just wont work for mobile devices.

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