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What's your dream rig?

  • 7 June 2020
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we all have dream rigs. mine is just a stable gaming rig that can play 60+ fps on games. more like ryzen 3700x paired with 2080ti or 2070. what's yours?

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4 Replies

I am just about to start building a gaming rig, from a Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic Razer Edition Mid Tower Case with the new i5 10th gen CPU and ASUS PRIME Z490-A Motherboard, 2x8Gb Corsair Vengance RGB RAM and some RGB fans so I can use Razer to control the flashing lights. lol.. Lucky I have some other bits to use for the build to save some money... Got a 1Tb M2 drive from another system I can use along with a nVidia GTX1080 3Gb Graphic Card , which I may upgrade at the end of the year depending on work.
Im actually going into Custom PC Builds This month and Opening my New Business!
How a bout an i5-10600k and a aourus 2070 super.
I'm not much into gaming before now. But I had started playing several games and would stick to it so that I can freshen up my mind.