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15$ usa google play.. by mestak.!!

  • 22 October 2023
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Good day/ Night gents

So few months back i bought a 15$ Google play store.. however my account is internal store. The card still available and valid.. if anyone interested in a good transaction idea answer into this topic..

F.Y.I ( I PLAY YALLA LUDO ) so i want the 15$ there.

To be more specific.. 

21525973789 this is my id number in yalla LUDO and this is my name there ĴųŠT~|

active  the VIP  for my account 11.99$ that mean your prophet 3 - 4 DOLLAR

only the 11.99$ matter for me. 



2 Replies

Anyone !! No-one !! 

What about the calories that i burn while I'm writing HAHA 

Don't be shy, just add something, ideas or say boring haha 😆 


Still available?