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Is my GPU good enough?

  • 10 March 2021
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Hey guys! I was wondering if my So I'm guessing my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB is good enough to farm Silver via Gamma. If not, I guess I'll just have to uninstall it. Also, does my PC have to be idle to run it?

Thanks in advance!

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It is below the minimum (1060 6GB) but if you want to try it for a few hours and see what you get it wouldn't hurt. You'll probably get very little, maybe 5 silvers for 5 hours? It varies everyday and with your specs though. It has the option to only run when idle or you can manually start it so then it'd be running as you're still using your PC.
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I just tested it recently with my 1060 6GB, and while my gpu was at 95-97% i got like 30-40 silvers per hour. A small amount compared to the damage to the gpu if you ask me.
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Sounds like I should uninstall, lol. I wish I could mine, because earning enough silver in a year to buy something I would want from the catalogue seems laughably unrealistic. Thanks guys.
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I do recall mining using RAZER softminer (before Gammanow). GTX 1050 TI 4GB LP OC was able to mine 1 zsilver per 10 minutes.

Now that pre-requisites have changed to 6 - 8 GB, it has kind of pissed off not only zsilver miners, but other crypto miners also.

Other crypto mining GPU specs have changed also.

The lesson I have learnt, "budget builds have short term everlasting~~~ :frown_::frown_::frown_:"
Might as well go for best to overkill builds to not face short term disappointments

2 year old video that demonstrate cheap vs expensive builds~~~

Even though it is 2 year ago video, anything above "Mid-Ranger", maybe up to "Athlete" builds can still give you benefit from zsilver mining to gaming even till today; it all depends on the GPU specs, especially the vram memory~~~

Of course the expensive the build is, you get the picture of what the outcome might look~~~
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Another thing I would like to add~~~
If you do want to build a battlestation for gaming and mining (for zsilver), do not use 3000 series GPU (RTX 3060 has the protocol to mine zsilver, but I hear there is some display output issues going on :confused_::confused_:)

So, above video maybe is the best reference for both gaming and zsilver mining build~~~

GTX 1080 TI (with 2x 8 pin power port) does a better job of zsilver mining than GTX 1660 TI & RTX 2080
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Yeah, I really need a new one... I've heard that they're almost impossible to find. They're on Ebay but they are ridiculously overpriced, kinda like the PS5s when they came out. Something about a shortage of silicon.
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luck of a buyer.
Recently bought a second hand RTX 2080 TI for $680.68 US$. Runs like a new.

Due to the demand of GPUs and shortage of silicon news, EBAY sellers are taking advantage of bids
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I checked on BestBuy yesterday and every one of them were sold out. The one I was thinking about getting was $399. I then looked for the SAME ONE on Ebay, and it was listed for $1200. Absolutely outrageous. People have made bots to immediately buy any graphics cards at a normal price, and then repost it for a x3 markup. This is the same fiasco we saw with the PS5, and it could last until 2022. Pathetic.