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Razer Gold Pin Serial Number Field is MISSING

  • 26 February 2024
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Anyone else got a problem with Razer Gold PIN redemption because the Serial Number field is missing? They haven't responded to my email yet so I wonder if anyone got the same issue. I can't seem to find any answer on the internet huhu


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3 Replies

I have same issue too they haven’t get back to me yet 

I ordered for a $500 razer gold card but when I click on get your card it Then shows not accepted 

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If you haven’t submit a case with Razer Gold Support - you can only do it via webform on this website: http://gold.razer.com/ticket-inbox/submit

If you already have a case opened, then you need to wait for their response (sometimes it just takes more time).

Be aware, that Razer Gold Support is available only via gold.razer.com website. They don’t have any live chat support / phone support. There is a group of people trying to impersonate “official” Razer Gold Support on Insider - please do not reply them, and do not reply to any e-mail that is not in razer.com domain.