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Razer Gold Reload Error

  • 14 June 2019
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I hope you can help me. I bought gold Razer Gold
But the payment was not successful
This story is always repeated when I pay on your site.
I deleted my previous account, created a new account and went to the bank. I changed my master card and the error still repeated. Please note that I can not set up a PayPal account and I can not issue a Visa card. I have no other way to pay except by MasterCard
I really want you to help me. I lost a lot of money when I went to the bank and paid to issue a new card. This is only for your website.
I hope you to communicate with the team and do not make things difficult for me,
I repeat that I can not use any other payment method

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Hi there. Have you tried to reach out to Razer Gold Support? If you have, please send over the ticket number to me through PM. If you haven't, you can use this link.
At first I would like to thank you for your response to me,
I am very dissatisfied with this problem,
I deleted my previous account and lost 16,000 silver points,
I went to the bank and I switched the master card,
I want you to know that I am a Syrian refugee in Jordan, so I can not get other payment services,
At first the location was very cool, then I started to experience these pay problems, so I could not buy a Razer Bin
There is no center for selling Razer cards in Jordan
I own a store selling e-cards such as Google gift cards, iTunes cards, Playstation and others
So I started using Razer to ship games to my customers like PUBG top up
So please help me

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Hi there! Thanks for the reply. I have already responded to your PM. Let's continue there.