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Tips to reduce Gamma load on your GPU.

  • 10 September 2019
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Hi there,

I saw someone complaining about the load of Gamma on his GPU.
And i can't deny that he got a point, but here's something that could help a bit.

Even though that you can't limit the load coming from Gamma, you can limit the GPU's "power" to prevent a premature degradation.
You just have to use a software like MSI Afterburner (works with other manufacturers brands like my Sapphire) who allows you to change core and memory clocks, power limit and also temp limit.
For exemple, just decrease by 10° the temp limit, in order to stay under it, your card will reduce its frequecies when approching it( and a colder card make less noise).
Or you can also directly reduce the core and mermory clocks (that's what i do).

Don't forget that will also diminish your efficiency but can save your GPU and your ears quite a bit.

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