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[WEEKLY SILVER] Character Crossover!

  • 22 April 2024
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[WEEKLY SILVER] Character Crossover!
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Let's playfully envision our beloved heroes and heroines navigating through unfamiliar worlds and challenges. Picture Mario donning Master Chief's armor from the Halo series, battling alien threats instead of rescuing Princess Peach. Meanwhile, imagine Master Chief venturing through the whimsical Mushroom Kingdom, teaming up with Luigi to conquer Goombas and collect power-ups.

How about swapping Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series with Link from The Legend of Zelda? Geralt's combat prowess and monster-hunting expertise would be tested in Hyrule's mystical landscapes, while Link's array of tools and puzzle-solving skills would prove invaluable in The Witcher's dangerous realm.

If you could exchange the main characters of two different video games, who would you select and why? Share your ideal character swaps with us and stand a chance to win 5000 Razer Silver!

5 Replies

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I would choose Master Chief and Doomslayer. I think that would be interesting because they both are strong, fight aliens/demons, and wear big suits of armor. They should seriously have a game where they swap universes somehow, that would be crazy.

i would chose the player from terraria and steve both have godlike powers, can carry multiple universes  and both have unique experence that would be new to both characters 

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Hello friends,


I agree with Njord. It's fun to imagine parallel universes and mixing licenses. ^_^


Personally, I prefer games that allow character customization and open mods.

For example. Baldur’s gate 3, Fallout 4, Cyberpunk 2077, Mass effect are so great for this.

I would prefer Assassin Creed main characters across the multiverse gaming world, because there is nothing assassin can’t do for me. 😙

Winner of this round is me. Spreading my luck to next person. 😋