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[WEEKLY SILVER] Dream Collabs

  • 28 February 2024
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[WEEKLY SILVER] Dream Collabs
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As fans of Razer's cutting-edge gaming peripherals and innovative technology, it's always exciting to imagine the possibilities of collaborations with other iconic titles, franchises, brands, or industries.

What special edition gaming gear or peripherals would you love to see inspired by your favorite characters or storylines? Share your ultimate dream collaborations between Razer and your beloved title or franchise, from sleek keyboards adorned with iconic symbols to dynamic mice modeled after legendary weapons. Let your creativity flow freely as you dream up the possibilities, with no limits to what you can imagine! And don't forget, you also stand a chance to win 5000 Razer Silver.

What groundbreaking collaboration will you conjure up?

7 Replies

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There’s already Razer x Pokemon - but it’s China only. Make it world-wide available :)

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I’d love to see Razer do some Tom Clancy’s The Division collaboration.

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i would like to see a collaboration for cases with world of tanks

I think that a collaboration with Fortnite and have mice, keyboards, and phone cases


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A collab with Linus Tech Tips??? Maybe a RGB LTT mousepad? LTT Screwdriver with RGB?



I love pokemon and genshin impact so those would be nice 


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I Razer Edition of the Xbox Series X/S