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Go Green With Razer Community Question

  • 23 October 2021
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Hi all,

My answer to this pressing question isn't being processed by the Q+A so I thought mine as well ask it here.

I am very interested in this program and have completed my silver tasks for the month of September. I've been wanting to continue this for the month of October and have found that very difficult for a number of frustrating reasons.

Some users in the Q&A thread brought up the fact that there will be different tasks for each month of the community program. Recall that doing the tasks for three consecutive months gets you exclusive loot, and that's what I'm after. However, I've noticed there have not been different tasks since October started, and now it's a good way through October and still radio silence.

In addition, the original thread has been closed and no more replies can be added. Sure, you can edit your existing reply but that does not seem to count for each month's tasks. Especially when considering each month is supposed to be different.

My question, thus, is simple: What do we do?

Do we wait for the new tasks to come out very soon so we have ample time to complete them?
Do we follow the existing tasks and just edit our original post on the forum?
Do we wait even longer for a new thread and new tasks?
Do we do nothing because the program wasn't worth it for Razer even though they actively support sustainability efforts with merchandise and programs similar to this?

Recall here is the current website with the most recent set of (unchanged) tasks:
And here is the (now closed) thread for responses:

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