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barracuda x blue tooth mode

  • 20 March 2023
  • 2 replies

headset works with razer dongle .  if i hold down button it just stays blue ,  connect to pc/phone tap 3 times its still blue , hold 5 seconds still blue . tap like crazy slow fast etc still blue  , i want to use these at work but dongle doesnt fit while phone is in case ,    headset works 100% fine with dongle  but would like to try out high speed mode and bluetooth

2 Replies

i have 2022 dongle  and manual says Bluetooth   support says i dont have BT  on headset  so i am gonna return it to Walmart  and buy corsair for 50$ more at least i will know it will work .  razer products are very good or very bad there is 0 consisty with products .  its gonna work good or go into the trash    pos 

Walmart took headset back ,  even tho i smashed it with a hammer and nicely put it back into box so no gamer has to ever use this trash again ,  just like razer basic keyboards and other things its junk ,  calling it junk might be bad due to dollar general mice and  headsets would have been a upgrade< they actually work and dont lie on the box> over the 90$ trash pile of a product