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Razer Nommo Pro - Show your Equalizer

  • 16 July 2022
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Hello to all "greens".
For some time something has happened to me in my old age;) my head changed and after a long break I returned to the games.
But I didn't have anything "good" from the accessories - I decided to find the equipment that would meet my expectations - that's how I became a fan of the brand ... but to the point.

A few days ago I bought a Nommo Pro speaker set.
The speakers are really amazing, the look and workmanship is just great (so it turned out that I have nowhere to put the subfoe and kick it every now and then because it is standing right under my leg).

However, I would like to know your "sound preferences" and ask about it - what settings do you have?
Do you use an equalizer or do you have THX or Dolby turned on?
If you use EQ, what settings do you have?
Please share your screenshots :)

Thank you and best regards.

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This is settings for music & for all except Films & Games.