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A Full Review of my Razer battlestation!

  • 3 February 2019
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Here's a quick insight as to what my battle-station is:
-Razer blade stealth v5
-Razer Core X With Nvidia GTX 1050ti (Asus Strix)
-Razer Deathadder elite
-Razer Kraken Pro v2

Starting from top to bottom, I'll be giving you a review of my battlestation and whether or not I'll recommend certain parts of my setup to you.

Starting from the top...

Razer Blade Stealth v5
The Razer Blade Stealth v5, or RBS-5 As I'll be shortening it, is ultra slim, ultra portable and severely underpowered. While the issue is addressed in the new blade 13 with the new dedicated Nvidia Gpu, I was unfortunate with my timing and bought this version of the laptop. While the laptop is good for school or work, I would not recommend it to anybody, refurbished or second-hand. While it has served me faithfully for 2 years, I've had to send it to maintenance to be repaired (RMA), twice in the span of 3 months. While the process was smooth and stress free, A bit of quality control at the Asia-Pacific RMA center would help a lot. My first issue was with the laptop's battery (or as maintenance said it was) where the screen was black (there was backlight) and the power indicator LED was flashing red, instead of the green "On" LED or the white "Sleep" LED. I sent it in for an RMA and got it back in a span of 2-3 weeks, working and on half charge. While maintenance said that they "Tested it to see if it was working and fuctioning." they forgot to test my power adapter, therefore causing me to send it in for another RMA that lasted for a month an a half. Razer screwed up on their end, asking me to send the Laptop alongside the Adapter, which I did, and after waiting a week for the Razer Support email, they tested my laptop for defects which they said there wasn't but I had to clarify with them that the issue was the adapter, not the laptop! They got to work on it and eventually I got it back after some time in working condition. overall the laptop is great, backlight bleed isn't noticeable and while the 3200x1800 Resolution does screw up your games since neither my core x or my intel UHD 620 can handle it, I downsize gaming resolution to 1920x1080 as a quick fix. The keyboard feels clicky and mechanical but, the sound on certain keys are different even if they're next to each other. The large glass trackpad is great and doesn't stutter at all, feels nice, smells nice and taste's nice. The RBS v5's front firing speakers give you the best of your music and gaming and is loud enough to drown the loud fan noise. The thermals are crap, causing the Function key road to heat up alot and the power button to get to ~50 degrees Celsius causing it to scald you whenever you try to turn the laptop off due to the CNC aluminium build that retains a lot of the computer heat. A lot of the issues I could list are adressed in the latest Blade stealth 13 (Such as the secondary key function lighting and the incompatibility to sync Razer synapse 2.0 with 3.0, and not so THICC bezels). Overall, I give this laptop a solid 2 / 5 Rating. it's good, but there are better cheaper or more efficient laptops out there that have thinner bezels.

Razer Core X
I've had my Razer core X for a year now and to say it's amazing is an understatement. While it may be a chunky boi, the core x is a beast that supports a large variety of AMD Graphics cards and Nvidia Cards. While it's noisy, it'll drown out in the background and won't affect your gameplay whatsoever. It's a great eGPU and I'd reccomend it to you if your looking for extra computer power or if you're like me and have a UHD 620 graphics card that can't even run minecraft at 20 fps. I've used a GTX 1050ti alongside it and while I occasionally get a BSOD, i've narrowed down the fault to the Graphics card and the drivers for the card. The Core X is great but looses usability due to the loss of the 4 USB 3.0 slots on the core x, that can be found on the core v2. It's also a nice, blocky design that has rounded edges and is made of a sturdy aluminium finish, that happens to be a fingerprint magnet, so regular wiping down and cleaning is a must. My overall score of it is a solid 4/5 rating, near perfect but looses some of it's usability and falling short of the core v2, which I would recommend over the Core X.

Razer Deathadder elite
This mouse is great for gaming, and is perfect for palm grippers, with comfortable rubber grips and 2 side buttons. While it's not really good for school or the daily commute, for gaming it truly is a death adder, fast, agile and deadly precision with the 16,000 DPI optical sensor. My rating is 5/5, it's not the mouse I deserve, but it's the mouse I need.

Razer Kraken Pro v2
I would recommend this headset to any gamer out there. While it's not strictly the best headset out there, it's definitely on any gamer's top 10 pick. It's got good adjust-ability, comfort and helps give you that competitive edge in any situation. I give it a solid 4/5, it has volume control and a mute button, it's got a built it that's retractable but could have better mic quality for the hefty price tag and a better durability as mine broke easily, and sadly, only 3 weeks out of warranty. For $160 it's a linear headset that does what it's told and nothing else that gives it novelty, other than the Razer logo.

Anyways guys hope you enjoyed this review and hopefully I helped you with any decisions you needed to make with the following Razer products. Sorry if this post is bad or poorly put together as it's my first forum post, but I'll learn from my mistakes!

(Professional binge-watcher, binge-eater and binge-gamer)

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I almost forgot to show you guys a photo of my battlesation, I have a photo with the lights on and off.