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RAZER x HALO INFINITE | Gear Worthy of a Spartan

  • 7 September 2021
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37 Replies

Headset is lit.
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Nice Desing!!!
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Gear up for battle with our exclusive line of Halo-inspired gear. Forged for PC and Xbox, this Halo Infinite arsenal is all you’ll need in your fight against the Banished. Sign up to get notified when pre-orders start: https://rzr.to/halo-infinite

Master chief colours look so nice.
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Makes me wonder if I should redirect my desktop theme to Halo just for these, they look sick!
love this, cant wait to see live pics
117 logo on deathadder is just cool
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not my style. but it still looks great.
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That damaged look... 🔥🔥
Does anyone know if this set is going to be available in Canada once released?
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Hope to see DOTA2 Gear soon. 😍
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Within the Asia-Pacific region get your HALO Infinite peripherals~~~
Do not forget to select the HALO Infinite when purchasing

BlackWidow V3

DeathAdder V2

Kaira PRO

Goliathus Extended Chroma
I like the design of the gaming peripherals.