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KIYO PRO | Advanced Imaging. Absolute Fidelity.

  • 23 February 2021
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Will stick to my laptop's built-in webcam, hehe
Not really priced competitively...
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First thing first, get money
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Hmmm that sexy look, it does really look a camera objective aint it?
Didn't know Razer made cameras

I’ve been going thru to many webcams trying to find the right one that works well for me. Basically just settling for this one even though primary setup is a Mac and Razer doesn’t offer any software support for Mac. Since I am able to control my lighting I can get satisfactory live images with it on Microsoft Teams, for work, no way to customize the camera itself though. Since the design mimics a camera lens, I wish they would have included a filter thread. I am into photography and have a lot of filters that I can take advantage of and that would have made the image output even more unique without having to rely on their software, which doesn’t exist for me.
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I was going to think of ordering this new camera but when I found out its not RGB I changed my mind
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Didn't know Razer made cameras

Yeah its something new probably check there website click here
tiny and pretty
very noice
Very good Image quality,but pleeeease make an Update for the Autofocus!!
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Gr8 for streaming
Already selling another camera without fixing the glaring software/driver (potentially firmware, too) issues with the first... you have to be kidding me.
Absolutely. I have the Kiyo right now. I need to earn the Kiyo Pro.
These are best workplace glasses. For paintings, I take a seat in front of a computer all day underneath horrible fluorescent lighting fixtures so converting the brightness on my displays will not cut it which is why I already wear blue mild filter glasses.
Any news as to when the new firmware for the Kiyo Pro is out of private testing and available to everyone?

The "Firmware update available to further improve your camera's Auto Focus" message is still a prominent distraction on the main BROADCASTER tab.

Another week passes. Anyone?