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KIYO Pro - DO NOT RECOMMEND for productivity

  • 27 February 2021
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After watching a bunch of reviews for this camera that said it would be great for productivity, and increase the quality for all of us "work from home" folks, I pulled the trigger and bought this camera.

Installed fine, Configured it to look great inside Synapse. HDR works well for the lighting in my work space, Medium FOV is perfect for my office as well.

Go into Zoom to take a look...BLAH! All Widescreen FOV, no HDR, just looked like garbage. Video flashes every 2-3 seconds ands would probably cause seizures in an actual meeting.

Tried Teams...same thing.

Even connecting the camera to NVidia broadcast it looks horrible.

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6 Replies

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Hey, KingstonCorner, thanks for the review!

This is not a support-related answer, but I would love to get more information about your setup:

  • The type of computer you have it plugged into
  • What level is your Zoom account (free, pro, business, enterprise)
  • Any other software you use to get your camera into Zoom/Teams, or are both apps seeing the Kiyo Pro right off the bat?

I haven't yet had the money to spend on a Kiyo Pro, so I don't know exactly what the interface is like. However, if Zoom or Teams treat it like any of my other webcams, then the experience after framing up in XSplit vCam or even Logitech software (I know, I know) and coming into Zoom with a Virtual Input from another program is very different to the experience when I bypass those programs and go directly in with the camera. I lose all of the framing, contrast, focus, etc., and none of those programs have the controls to let me set up the camera the way I would like. As such, I ALWAYS come into Zoom and Teams via vCam.

I'm thinking that — again, I'll do some thorough testing when I get my hands on a Kiyo Pro — if there's no way to do it now, that a feature request for allowing Synapse (and therefore the adjustments to the image that you make in Synapse) to appear in those different applications as a camera input is in order.

I am curious, though. ARE you currently able to choose a Synapse output as a camera input in any other software?
My basic problem is the major features are only available in Synapse. HDR and adjustable FOV.
These features are why I bought the camera.

Zoom business or enterprise (account through work) just sees it like any other webcam. So no mater what I set in Synapse it wont matter.

Tried using Nvidia broadcast, and I still only get the wide FOV and SDR.

I have already set up the return to Amazon.
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I'm truly sorry about your unfortunate experience with the Kiyo Pro. I'm going to contact Support about this issue anyway, to see if it is something that should have been possible for you, or if it something that I need to request as a feature.
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You can adjust the PowerLine Frequency(Anti-flicker) to 60Hz via the advanced settings on Synapse 3 to fix the flickering, but we'll have to dig deeper for the FOV and the HDR features. As far as I know, the settings on Synapse should carry over to other apps. I can try to help you further isolate the issue if you still have the webcam that is.
This is an issue for me too. Looks great in Synapse, looks like hot garbage in Zoom.
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This is an issue for me too. Looks great in Synapse, looks like hot garbage in Zoom.

Please send me a screenshot of your camera settings in Zoom. I'd appreciate it if you can share a short clip detailing the changes in image quality when on Synapse and other apps.

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