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RAZER KIYO PRO ULTRA | The Largest Sensor Ever in a Webcam

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4K 30FPS / 1440P 30FPS / 1080p @ 60/30/24FPS / 720P @ 60/30 FPS

82°- 72°

8.3 Megapixels

3840 x 2160

USB 3.0


YUY2 & NV12 (uncompressed)

L shape joint and Tripod


1.5 meters braided cable

16 bit 48 kHz


-26dB FS

PC with a free USB port
Windows®️ 8 (or higher)
Internet connection
500 MB of free hard disk space*
Compatible with Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit
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seems like there's no such thing as overkill at razer lol
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"DSLR-like 4K quality" 😲
Thanks for your interest in our products. The Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra is supported in Windows OS at the moment which is powered by Razer Synapse 3.0. Take note that the Razer Synapse 3.0 is only supported in Windows 10 and later versions. Feel free to submit a case to our Support Team or send me and Razer.Zionzedd a PM should you need additional assistance.

The camera continues to get rave reviews, and I figured I wouldn't take too much of a bath reselling it when another webcam with the same IMX585 sensor becomes available with broader OS support, so I thought I would buy it anyway. I loaded it into my shopping cart to determine what the landed price would be and discovered that shipped was "free" to Canada, but with unspecified import duties. I operate on the principle that any price you're committed to before you see it is rarely market competitive. Human nature. When the fix is in, it's all cream.

Along the way, while checking whether my post got any useful responses here, I was notified by my browser that your legal TOS has been updated. Unlike many people, I often actually read these before I click "agree". And whoa, nasty. You're basically trying to tell me I need your permission to post any URL online to any part of the Razer web site other than the home page, and only then if you don't sneeze. This is legal overreach. There's some copyright protection against linking to otherwise inaccessible content, but not so much for open content indexed by Google.

I don't agree to these particular terms whatsoever. And since I can no longer use your web site, as your lawyers wish to portray this (even if the law itself doesn't see it this way) it's best that I simply disappear from these forums and pretend that Razer never existed.

Deleting or suppressing or making this post less than normally visible constitutes the agreement of Razer that I never agreed to any of the specific terms of your TOS that can reasonably be challenged as legal overreach.

For a recent discussion of the complex legal swamp around URL sharing in British Columbia, see "Can sharing a hyperlink be considered copyright infringement? Still TBD." from March 2022.

I was there when the Internet was invented in the 1980s and early 1990s. Those of us who worked to build the Internet all believed that basic URL sharing is essential to the basic social fabric and technical structure of the Internet. We were legally stupid and naive, however. We should have enforced a TOS stipulating that if you don't believe in basic URL sharing, get the heck off our intertubes.

I would have included the name of the law firm who wrote the white paper mentioned above, but they made their corporate name unnecessarily impervious to cut and paste. You see, if I copy the text with my mouse then I'm guaranteed not to spell it wrong, which is why cut and paste should always work for any part of your page you wish anyone else to share. More self-inflicted unnecessary breakage to how this whole thing was once designed to work, for extremely sound engineering reasons.

I have no hard feelings. But I disagree intensely with your chosen legal posture.

Got mine today. Sadly its not eligible for Virtual Ring Light. Anyone know if this will be fixed. Older Kiyos are bundled with Virtual Ring Light

It is rather unfortunate, indeed, that you pay 3 times more than for the pro and do net get the virtual ring light… -- and even more so considering that the virtual ring light downloads automatically once you install the camera, which makes the request of an activation code that Razer refrains from providing us with somewhat unprofessional.