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Razer Ripsaw HD and OSSC

  • 8 December 2019
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Hey there, i'm new to this forum.
I have a lot of razer product but i did not ever buy a Razer capture card
Let me go straight to the point: i'm an italian retrogames streamer and my capture card Is broken.
I'm thinking about to buy the Ripsaw HD biit, since in my setup i use an OSSC for upscale old console i would like to know if the Razer Ripsaw HD will capture the ossc signal in a good way like the old one that i use until wednesday.
Thank you in Advance at all the people of the community who Will try to help me.
I Will do my best for helping you with other Razer products.

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2 Replies

I got my Ripsaw HD last month and didn't work properly. Approached technical support multiple time without any resolution. Good luck bro
I have the Ripsaw and I'm currently having issues with sound lag. My games look great and recording is easy once I figured out I needed OBS. But sadly what I hear in my headset with the game play and sound being unsynced is what my recording get. I'm currently in queue waiting on Tech Support