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Ripsaw HD Bullet Proof Install (No more Black Screens).

  • 29 May 2020
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Hello and welcome, I know a lot of people have issues getting there Razer Ripsaw HD to not back screen, I was one of them, I was so excited to get my new capture card to replace my 1080p30 / 720p 60 Blackmagic Ultrastudio Thunderbolt 2 device as my poor streaming pc a Macbook Pro Late 2013 was starting to show its age. So I decided to go with Razer as I already had a Siren X and a Naga 2014 left handed , ( still need a replacement usb cable for that. ) , and I have no love for Elgato I pulled the trigger on the Ripsaw HD as it seemed to be getting good reviews on the net.

The card came the day before yesterday so as of the time of this writing I have had the card a little over 48 hours. Was excited plugged it in , hooked up my sources, booted up windows and obs black screen, and unable to see any image, was like ok, so used the ps4 remote app and it was detecting my display a 4k60 umm no worries a few cable changes and wala passthrough working no obs input though.. At this part I am like ok, windows says it needs a reboot after installing the synapse 3 software so I reboot still same thing. At this point I am like ok do I just have a defective card? So looked over the forums other reviews and it seems like this is a common theme with the device, I am like ok great.. I just paid 150 dollars for nothing. I unplugged everything re plugged in the device rebooted windows and then plugged everything in to the HDMI ports and wala it worked, I was happy , tested the device the quality looks ok , shut the laptop down cause dinner and brought it back up same thing.

Fast forward a few hours later. (sorry for rambling I just wanted to show some pretext.)

Figured out the Issue, if you power on your gear with devices plugged into the HDMI ports on boot, it will INIT the Passthrough / Output. However it wont send a reset command to the HDMI input controller to tell it to allow capturing from the device, the issue stems from the Device uses a 2006 Universal windows camera usbvideo / camera filter driver dated 2006 , which also happens to be the same driver my yuv web cam driver uses. (linked photos show the device. ).

I know most people do not care and just want to how do I fix this?

Step 1. Plug device into your usb 3.0 / 3.1 port (try to make sure it is the first port on the controller, to give you the least amount of issues, as that is typically gets the most power and least amount to get band with reduced, and or goto amazon or bestbuy and just buy a High Speed usb c to USB c cable rated at 5 / 10 gbps that is designed for usb - c devices if you have that port.

Step 2. Allow windows to install the device. and configure it.

Step 3 . Optional Install Razer Synapse 3, if you want the synapse control for audio. If you are already proficient in live streaming it works just as well as the OBS / SLOBS controls work . The choice is yours.

Step 4. Reboot if Windows requests it.

Step 5. On boot make sure nothing is plugged into the HDMI Ports.

Step 6. Once booted hook up your devices to the capture card as your normally would , the device will work as indented.

Step 7. Enjoy

Note: Once you shut down you wi

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As for some reason it cut me off, Once you shut down your PC and Reboot, You will have to start at step 5.

Also note if you do leave it plugged in and your pc does go into sleep mode and or the device does not give video after a bit just disable / re enable the device in obs and or slobs and it will show video, if not just unplug the HDMI in and plug it back in and then re enable the device in obs/ slobs it will work.
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Thanks for the info!
Thanks for the info!

You are welcome glad it was helpful.
Did you have any issues with the video output from the capture card showing up with pink tint on your OBS by any chance that is the issue I seem to be having and can not find a solution for it
If pink screen try a new cable if that don't work it maybe defective as I had no issue with pink screen . The other thing it could be is whatever you plugged into it is not sending a standard signal .
If pink screen try a new cable if that don't work it maybe defective as I had no issue with pink screen . The other thing it could be is whatever you plugged into it is not sending a standard signal .

I tried a few other cables I had as well as a few different consoles. I think it is a faulty unit so I put in a support ticket but thanks for the assistance