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SEIREN V2 X | Clarity That Makes An Impact

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It's ready on online shop to make purchase ?
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been saving up my Silver so i can get one of these 🙂
I love it, I will search to buy one of this here in Brazil

With the new Razer Seiren V2 X, clarity comes naturally. Deliver true-to-life vocals that represent who you are with a sensitive 25mm condenser mic. Coupled with a supercardioid pickup pattern for greater voice isolation, standing out and cutting through the noise has never sounded this good. Now available with an upgraded audio mixing software via Razer Synapse for greater audio control and customization:
awesome mic
Thais so sick!!
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I like it, btw idk if it's available in my zone

What's your zone?
Want one of those :frown_:
Also looks great! Again, the mini is enough for me, maybe making a miniv2/minix would be cool!

I have this mic but I can't seem to get it to my fit onto my 5/8 screw on my mic arm does anyone else have this issue?