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Kaira Pro Bluetooth problems

  • 8 December 2020
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Kaira Pro has worked pretty well for me on my Xbox series X. I do get the latency issues when the controller isn't used for a few seconds, but it's my understanding this is an Xbox issue on all headsets. Gaming with my wife (who is in another state currently), she says I come through loud and clear. She's running the Arctis 9 which doesn't have any of the problems I'm about to mention.

I do however have bluetooth issues with everything else. My Dell workstation laptop, my personal HP laptop, and my Samsung GS8 all have issues when connected to Bluetooth. They give sidetones beeps high and low at random and it sounds like the eq changes every time it does, until the headphones eventually shutoff by themselves even while in video, games, or music. I have updated to the latest firmware (which did get stuck at 100% for 30 minutes, but when I unplugged and plugged back in it said it completed. Also says it has the latest if I try to do firmware update again). I'm also fully up to date with the latest MSFT service packs and bluetooth drivers for Intel and Realtek respectively for the laptops.

Can't find any options for factory reset or any other troubleshooting for these headsets, because I guess they are so new. Anyone else have a recommendation to fix the Bluetooth?

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