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Razer Chroma 2 Xbox

  • 6 September 2023
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Absolutely ridiculous,

I'm extremely angry and disappointed at Razer. I bought a my Razor Chroma 2 Xbox controller on the 22nd of June 2023 and it was working great until last night the A button wasn't responding and wouldn't work. I had to use the paddles. I went into the Razer Xbox App and it said my Controller needed an update ,so I updated it now the Controller. As soon as the update finished the Controller died and won't turn on or light up I've tried swapping usb ports, different leads and restarting my xbox. Nothing it has completely died. I've wasted £110 on Controller that can't even update. 3 months and it died because I updated  the Controller as it told me to. Razer won't even do anything because the warranty has run out. I'm not even at fault I updated the Controller and it died. I need help or someone to guide me through to get in contact with Razer support.

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