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[GIVEAWAY] Dynasty Warriors 9

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Good Luck!
Good luck!
Im participating 🙂 Good Luk everyone
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entered, good luck all!
thanks razer & koei tecmo games for the chance 😃
Good Luck Guys!!!
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Nice" achievement
jaja ahahah
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oh my gosh yes please!! i never got to play that but i still remember my bestie raving about dynasty warriors when i was little

good luck everyone!!!
Nice game 🙂
Looks cool! Good luck to everyone!
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Great love it!
Good luck for everyone participating 😃
Looks good
Я хотел бы сыграть в такую игру, удачи всем
Nice! Good luck to everyone!
Razer Giveaway Lets Go! thank you @Dekades & Razer

I can't wait to try this game, also good luck to everybody. No matter what happens, let's all be Good sports.
Good luck everyone 🙂
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well, nice move. good luck
I'm in :)
Good luck for everyone participating 😃
Good Luck and Let's play DW9 Empires!!!
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has anyone played this yet? what's your honest take on it
Loved the KOEI game since RTK 1. Thanks Razer. Thanks KOEI.
Goos luck guys