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[GIVEAWAY] Insider Supply Drop #3

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Did it already get given away? 🙂
i need to win!
aún a tiempo?? Excelente espero ganar 🙂

Saludo a todos!
I'm in. Good luck guys!
I'm up for it! I just recently discovered all the programs and things that Razer has going on, for example the Razer cortex, silver, gold etc. I have been very happy with what I discovered and I am having a lot of fun with it. I am a HUGE gamer and I always have been and to see the way Razer is handling the gaming industry right now is awesome. It's genius! Not only coming up with great ideas that no one else has even thought of. But paving the way for future companies and fellow gamers to enjoy their games and gaming products through competition, prises and rewards. Keep it up with the great ideas Razer! It is exciting to know I could earn/win rewards and prizes just for doing the things I already love to do!!! :video_game::tv::floppy_disk:insider_emoji_125:trophy:❤️:innocent:
well, I hope I'll win) Just want to try this mouse
Wouldn't hurt to participate
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i cant understand.. when is the end GAway?

Usually around a month after being posted
I’m hoping to win. I could use it!
i cant understand.. when is the end GAway?
oh. nice, i want wireless one)
thank you! count me in!
It'd be great to win.
Coud be sweet to win one
I would love this mouse
cant wait to get my first Razer peripheral
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I'm definitely interested!!
Wishing it would land in my desk. Good luck to all of us.
Fantastico! mi piacerebbe averlo
Bellissimo, mi servirebbe!!!
Spero di vincere!
I'm in, Hopefully I win but if not its always good to know that RAZER's products are never wasted and are given a purpose. 🙂
This would complete my work rig.
A lefty's best friend :smile_:
Third one coudn't hurt. Best mouse for my hand!
I hope to win too