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[GIVEAWAY] Insider Supply Drop

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Cool, hoping to win! o_O
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Awesome giveaway Razer, thank you.
sweet im down
I like the sound of this, and I congratulate whoever wins this. I applaud giving away of things you have lying around.
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0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance of me winning. :frown_:

Like they say, it's not zero.
Goodluck to the winner of this awesome headset!:wink_:
Yay. Hope I win...
That is an awesome idea i'm pretty excited like i wasn't for a long time. Good luck and "You lucky bastard" for the one who will get that beauty.
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so sweeeeet !!!
Belated happy valentines day.
Awesome! Nice way to give back to the community, it might be small token for very few lucky ones, but it shows some care towards the community and may the odds be ever in your favour. Looking forward to more of these as well.
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Atleast if we get it, its a definite addition to the collection. :smile_:
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I'd like to win these, they look so purrfect
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I just got a Razer porduct and I 100 % love it. Would like to have another one in my collection ; )
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If I win / get chosen .... can I trade you the kraken for that DVA figure tho? lol

I have the same OW loot create on my desk, its a little thing that lights up right?
The things I miss because I dislike Valentine's day
This is really nice, thank you.
ended yet?
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Truly great idea! Every consumer product company must have piles of items like that.
How can ı get one for little my sister .
Dont get me wrong :)

Ryzen R7 2700x
Oh hier nehme ich. Hab noch gar nichts von der Quartz Edition.

Oh, here I go. I haven't gotten the quartz edition yet.
That is pretty cool i like this idea.
Also i want the headset:smile_:
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ya know... maybe I can convince her to finally start gaming if she has this....
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Hey everyone a quick update:

  • The duration for the current and future Supply Drops are going to be roughly four weeks, so don't expect a quick turnaround. If I encounter more stuff, I may do shorter runs, it's kind of random. I already got in trouble for digging too deep!
  • If you are ineligible to receive the prize due to your region, I will reward you with a boatload of Razer Silver instead. This means that possibly two prizes may be given away each run.

Good luck everyone!
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Real men wear pink! Thanks for this giveaway!!