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[LOOT] Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale - Lost Guardian Pack

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Looks good this game
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Cool Neverwinter

Happy New Year, Insiders!

Neverwinter's back with another awesome update, Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale has launched and our good friends at Perfect World are giving Insiders who venture out a Lost Guardian Pack, which includes:

  • 'Lost Guardian' Title
  • Stone of Health
  • Injury Kit
  • Companion Upgrade Tokens
  • Greater Healing Potions

Click here to pick up your Lost Guardian Pack.

Galvanized by an ancient prophecy, Valindra Shadowmantle and the Cult of the Dragon have established a ritual site deep in the Sword Mountains, where they plan to construct a powerful spell that will bring undeath to all the dragons of Faerun. As a Hero of Neverwinter, you will need to rally the forces of Protector's Enclave, and lead the charge against Valindra before it's too late. Survive the rise of the dracolich in Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale, available now on PC.

Redeem here: PlayNeverwinter.com/Redeem

Neverwinter is awesome! Thanks for the loot.
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Yup, good stuff for Neverwinter players
Nice, thanks.
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More love for Neverwinter.Time to relive some of the old memories
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Free things are always welcome!
Neverwinter experiencing the love from Razer :smile_:
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Awesome more neverwinter goodies Thank you @Dekades & Razer
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Güzel, şimdi farklı bir şey 🙂
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Nice, something different now 🙂
Thank you!
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Nice! More Neverwinter stuff for those players