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Activation Key

  • 10 March 2020
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How can I get my activation key ? I bought razer kraken 2019 but it doesn't have activation key inside of it.

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Was für ein Aktivierungsschlüssel meinst du? Und vor allem für was? Für Silber hier bei Inside?

What activation key do you mean? And especially for what? For silver here at Inside?
I mean the activation code for 7.1 surround sound
Hat das den 7.1? So weit ich weiss hat das Standard Kraken kein 5.1. Es sei den, du hast das Kraken 7.1 V2. Das ja. Bei den anderen ist nur Moduliertes 5.1.

Das hier zum Beispiel, hat 7.1

Does that have the 7.1? As far as I know, the standard octopus has no 5.1. Be it, you have the octopus 7.1 V2. Yes. For the others, only modulated 5.1.
This, for example, has 7.1
I just see this post that razer kraken have that software and it required activation code.
Oh ok. Ja dann bin ich raus. Brauchte noch nie einen Key bei Razer da eigentlich mit Synapse alles von allein ging.
Hier sollte sich bald aber jemand melden, der ebenfalls dein Headset hat und dir hilfe geben können.
Welche Synapse benutzt du den? 2 oder 3?

Oh ok. Yes, then I'm out. Never needed a key at Razer because with Synapse everything went by itself.
But soon someone should come in who also has your headset and can give you help.
Which synapse do you use? 2 or 3?
nahh I don't use any of them cause I think it doesn't support my headset, the 7.1 surround sound just pique my interest btw thanks for answering my thread.
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@Ryuunosuke07 Send over the serial number of your headset through PM so I can check if you are eligible for the 7.1 Surround.
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如何獲取激活密鑰?我購買了razer kraken 2019,但其中沒有激活密鑰。我的也是沒有激活碼

PM me the serial number of your headset so I can help you out. *Locking this thread to curb conversations to PMs.