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An honest guide to purchasing the Razer Blade 15

  • 4 January 2019
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I've seen many threads about purchasing the Razer Blade 15 and many people are confused which configuration to get, are insecure about the product because of all of the cry stories on the sub or don't know which retailer to buy from. Here you guys have a guide.

Razer products are expensive and so is the RB15. Do you have enough money or did you set it aside for months just to buy this laptop? You will be more mad when you get a faulty product when you set the money aside to buy this laptop. Of course, it's your money and the choice is yours. However, if you warranty isn't valid anymore, you should pay for the service costs yourself and those aren't generally cheap. Don't complain if you lost all your money to the laptop and need to pay for the service costs, since you could've expected this.

This laptop is build to perform and not necessarliy to last. Of course, that entirely depends on how you treat it. But don't have otherworldly expectations of this product. It is and will always be an assembly of metal components.

If you get a faulty product, return it. There is no point in opening a cry thread on this sub regarding the hardware of your product. No redditor will come to your home with the materials to fix it.

Get a warranty. This should be an obvious one. The product is expensive and you should have a warranty for it. Does your retailer not provide one? Find another.

In the US, there are many places to buy the product from e.g. amazon, bestbuy of the microsoft store. Both give fair warranties. In the EU, you can get it off Amazon in your country/a country close to you. If you want one with a US keyboard layout, you can get it off They also offer fair warranty.

The people opening threads in this sub about their faulty product are the vocal minority. Don't get discouraged by those.

Do you need it? There are cheaper alternatives which look and are built worse, but may have the same or even better specs. If you plan to use this laptop as a desktop replacement, consider getting another laptop. You don't need an expensive, light and thin laptop sitting on your desk all day. If you plan to take it with travels, bring it to business meetings and game or be creative with it (composing, programming and video/photo editing) then this laptop may be a really good choice.

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Just adding in EU recently big electronics store chains (Mediamarkt and Saturn) base in Germany, I saw also in some other countries like Netherland, Switzerland even Turkey has Mediamarkt branches, offer Razer Blade as well with fair guarantee expansion. Now you can travel to Germany and test the Blade your self in store, unlike before I’ve to make appointment with someone from UK in Berlin that’s 500km away from my home to buy a Blade:wink_:
Note since it’s still new confirm first if they have Blade on windows display, don’t travel here only for testing Blade you can enjoy our famous beer as well:big_grin_:)