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Analog thumbsticks on basilisk (RH ergonomic mice)

  • 22 March 2022
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I am addressing it here because I like the look and features of Razer basilisk mice, especially of basilisk V3 vs V2 and competition (no annoying DPI adjustment buttons next to the LMB), so I believe it must be due to continuous efforts to enhance or develop feature reach products.

Watching CES 2022 I accidentally run into Chakram X mouse. The thing has an analog joystick at a thumb and I have been thinking how beneficial it would be for productivity ever since. For example:

  • analog scrolling (instead of unresponsive horizontal scrolling)

  • more key bindings (back, forward, top, bottom, click)

This is not a huge list, but think about all the opportunities (convenience, features/form factor). Now I realize that I am essentially attempting to pitch this idea to Razer, but for a good reasons — they (you guys) are one of few (if not the only) gaming hardware makers that could get the thing done right, especially considering your iterations on "basilisk" series.

I want to bring this to Razer's attention. And to hear about any more potential use cases for thumbsticks.

What about basilisk v3, but with a thumbstick?

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