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Best IT service option for a new blade?

  • 12 June 2019
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hi there,

I bought in spring 2018 A dell Inspiron 15 7557, this was before the new 2018 blades so the current spring 2017 blades were the latest (and ticked me off when E3 2018 came around and the blade ‘popped up’)

Anyway I’m a horrible IT guy and i know I’ve had an unhealthy, malware ridden, extremely stuffy computer all this time. My laptop has 3 different ‘optimizing’ systems working against each other I was getting so mad, plus my WiFi network is crap for me and Ethernet isn’t an option, so I’ve been having horrible pc gaming sessions the past few months.

Anyway enough complaining I’m seriously thinking about replacing as I’ve had to factory reset the Inspiron twice this month and recycle/sell the computer.

When I buy a 15’ blade. Who should I go to for IT and running it how I want? I don’t want to spend that money and have another (lighter, thinner, and more sleek) brick laying around for months. Please and thanks

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